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What Is The DVLA?

Information on the DVLA (A Government Agency)

What is the DVLA?

Previously known as the DVLC (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre) The DVLA is a gov. agency and stands for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. It was formerly referred to as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre (DVLC). The DVLA is based in Swansea, Wales. The DVLA can be contacted by phone, email/online website – the contact email address depends on what your query is about regarding driving licence applications (such as an exchange, update, replacement of lost, damaged or destroyed license, renewal of a licence (such as over 70), or via their postal address:

Drivers Customer Services
Correspondence Team

What does the DVLA do?

The DVLA is a UK Government organisation whose responsibilities include maintaining a database of all road drivers and vehicles for the entirety of Great Britain & United Kingdom. The DVLA is the responsible government agency for driving licences.

What services do the DVLA provide?

The agency provides driving licences, organises the collection of road tax and sells personalised car registration plates.

When should I contact the DVLA?

It takes several weeks for the DVLA to process driving licence applications. Please wait a minimum of 2 weeks if you apply online, and at least 3 weeks if you applied by post. After this time you can contact DVLA about:

  • Your replacement licence
  • Your provisional licence application
  • Exchanging your licence
  • Your renewed licence after you’ve been disqualified

Who can use the DVLA?

Once you are over 16 and have passed both your theory and practical driving test, you are eligible to apply for a full driving licence.

What responsibilities does the DVLA have?

The DVLA is responsible for many things including driving licence applications: issuing photo card driving licences, selling DVLA personalised registrations, recording driver endorsements, medical conditions and disqualifications; providing anonymised data to those who have the right to use the service, issuing vehicle registration certificates to vehicle keepers, taking enforcement action against vehicle tax evaders
registering and issuing tachograph cards, assisting the police and intelligence authorities
with criminal matters.

What fees does the DVLA charge?

The fee the DVLA charge depends on the service you want:

  • Applying for your first provisional or full GB driving licence;
  • Applying for a licence replacement if yours has been stolen, lost, destroyed or damaged
  • Application to change your name, address or photo; renew a driving licence
  • Over 70s renew/ renewal of licence for 70 or over
  • Renew, add or remove an entitlement
  • Exchange a driving licence, I.e exchanging a paper licence for photo card licence
  • Applying to get your licence back after it’s been taken away, I.e. after being disqualified

What does UK Driving Help offer alongside the DVLA?

UK Driving Help provides a checking service for driving licence applications. We offer assistance with your licence application: we offer pre-filled application forms for postal applications. These applications are quick and easy, using our simple form and in turn checked for any obvious errors and omissions: postage paid delivery for postal applications; 24/7 email customer support. We will re-do any unsuccessful licence applications free of charge and will also assist you with any queries you may have through our email support channel, for example:

If you are not sure what type of application is required – whether renew 70, renew over 70, replacement for lost, stolen or destroyed licence: exchange of paper licence for photocard; update of licence – for change of name or address, or to apply for your first provisional licence; photo specifications; valid identification documentation; counter-signatory restrictions;applicable fees; lead times; overseas arrangements; removal of endorsements and more.

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