About Us

UK DRIVING HELP provides a checking service for driving licence applications. We are pleased to offer:

  • assistance with your application
  • prefilled application forms for postal applications
  • applications checked for errors or omissions
  • postage paid delivery for postal applications
  • email customer support

We are also here to assist with your application and any queries you may have through our email support channel, for example

  • if you are not sure what type of application is required
  • photo specifications
  • valid identification documentation
  • counter-signatory restrictions
  • applicable fees
  • lead times
  • overseas arrangements
  • removal of endorsements
  • and more
Apply Online

The services that we provide are not mandatory when applying for a licence and may be available from the official DVLA website, with which we are not affiliated, for a lower cost or free of charge. The fee charged for our checking service is additional to any DVLA fee.

This is a non-official optional checking service with charges from £69.99 (inclusive VAT), additional and separate to any DVLA fee, which ranges from free to £90. Applications can be made directly on www.gov.uk without a checking service fee.